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Robert Newman Marine
Engine Consultant

Div. of Robert Newman Engineering, LLC
Charleston, South Carolina, USA

G. Robert Newman
Principal Marine Surveyor

Serving USA and International Locations
Call: 843-860-4405

About Robert Newman Marine Engine Consultant
Robert Newman is a licensed professional engineer with 50 years of experience with the design, maintenance and installation of marine and other propulsion and mechanical systems from 150 to 7000 HP.

Caterpillar 3208 Robert has a Master of Science-Mechanical Engineering degree, and is a licensed Professional Engineer. He received extensive training in marine propulsion systems in the US Navy, and had two deployments on the USS Albany CG - 10 with the primary responsibility of the operation and maintenance of four 30,000 horsepower marine engines, four marine electric generators, and two diesel emergency generators.

He later worked in a US Navy shipyard as the Supervisor of Shipbuilding, Conversion and Repair, where he managed US Navy Engineering Conversion & Repair Projects for Diesel Navy Harbor Tugs, Repowered Navy Auxiliary Ships, conducted Salvage and Recovery, repowered diesel ships and maintained yard cranes.

Robert then spent 35 years with a company that manufactures, operates, and markets very large diesel powered machines used to build and maintain railroad track and provide traction. He retired after 21 years as company president, and oversaw the selection, installation, operation, and maintenance of large Diesel engines (150 hp. to 2000 hp.) that powered these machines.

Robert’s Mechanical Engineering background and his Professional Engineering License makes him well suited for any marine, dockside, or non marine consulting relating to propulsion and mechanical/hydraulic systems.

A large part of his present business involves insurance claims, expert witness services and engine failure analysis.

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