Marine Surveys by Robert Newman Marine Engine Consultant, Charleston, South Carolina- G. Robert Newman, SAMS® AMS® (Engines)

Robert Newman Marine
Engine Consultant

Div. of Robert Newman Engineering, LLC
Charleston, South Carolina, USA

G. Robert Newman
Principal Marine Surveyor

Serving USA and International Locations
Call: 843-860-4405

Memberships & Associations
The Society Of Accredited Marine Surveyors SAMS® - The Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors®
Accredited Marine Surveyor® - Engines
University of Tennessee UT Knoxville - University of Tennessee
Masters of Science - Mechanical Engineering
ASA ASME - American Society of Mechanical Engineers
University of Tennessee LLR - South Carolina State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers
Registered Professional Engineer
Boatpokers Email Forum Boatpokers - Email Forum for SAMS® Members

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